Our clients


  • Our premium tool Sales  Aptitude Test (SAT) completes 15 years of
    providing Talent Assessments  of Sales Professionals to large complex
    organizations located globally

  • How compatible are you with your partner ? Explore our services of Fun Personality Tests.

  • Abacus forays into providing assessments to major giants in
    banking and finance after successfully serving FMCG, Telecom and IT majors

Celebrating 20 years....

We provide Talent Assessments, Talent Development and Organization Diagnostics solutions to help our clients improve individual and organizational performance.

Our Premium Initiatives

Discover the world of Psychometrics with path leaders in Industry! ABACUS designed the first bespoke psychometric Hiring tool for a global beverage giant and has since done likewise for leading multinationals across industry. We design psychometrics for multi purposes-ranging from Sales Aptitude Tests (SAT) to Leadership Assessment Tools, besides tools for organizational and team diagnostics like Voice et al. Our tools like RCQ and SAT have global deployment and are tested for reliability and validity over decades of usage

Understanding the lay of the ground, seeding it at the right time and watering it over a distance yield a good crop in any farm! Skills also go thru the same cycle in Skills Farm!"

Skill Farms under its umbrella provides tools, techniques and live counseling supports in Skill Mapping and Skill Development. The team assists candidates-thru tools like SKILL FINDER-to invest their energies in scientifically identified skill areas. GURUCALL helps those desirous to connect to live counseling supports from career experts and skill architects.

Optimal business performance banks essentially on an integrated, aligned, happy team passionate in pursuit of its collective goals. Teams promote happiness at Work when they are anchored on the pillars of a meaningful Purpose (P) that they are collectively aligned (A) to. Communication(C) quality and Environment (E) are the other two factors of the four legged PACE model that foster positivity at work.

SAATHI aims to partner corporates and individuals in sustaining emotional well being even when challenged by situations. SAATHI counselors are behavior architects who could design solutions that empower individuals and teams to seek the best out of themselves and each other. Basically, we help you to keep happy and hopeful!

LEARNING WITH MASTERS serie is a credible standout learning experience imaginatively scripted to run in small group sizes as a workout rather than a workshop. Facilitated by a globally rewarded faculty, it is reputed to upskill like no workshop one may have experienced earlier. The content is researched by a team that has in the past written content for globally renowned universities. The workout is run with imaginatively designed simulations, video shorts and live case studies. This is the big corner pillar of learning! If you want to make the difference in learning that supports your business you must LEARN WITH MASTERS!

Some of our programs in this serie are-
1. Building Teams of Future 
2. Art and Science of “ Feedbacks” 
3. LEAD- Leadership Edge Thru’ Assessment and Development 
4. Interviewing Skills – ‘Choose the Right Fit’