Our clients


  • Our premium tool Sales  Aptitude Test (SAT) completes 15 years of
    providing Talent Assessments  of Sales Professionals to large complex
    organizations located globally
  • "Project Pragati" - Inclusive growth workout conducted with Senior Operational Leadership of AXIS Bank at The Resort , Madh, Mumbai. 
    Participants found it to be an engaging, insightful experience.
    #LearningWithMasters #LearningAndDevelopment #LeadershipDevelopment #Coaching
  • Abacus forays into providing assessments to major giants in
    banking and finance after successfully serving FMCG, Telecom and IT majors
  • CPP ASIA PACIFIC, BANGKOK (THAILAND) has re-certified our faculty DK SABHARWAL on MBTI. DK is among the first group of professionals in India to be certified by Ms. Linda Kirby , APTi, the architect of MBTI Step II, nearly two decades back.

Optimal business performance banks essentially on an integrated, 

aligned, happy team passionate in pursuit of its collective goals. Teams promote happiness at Work when they are anchored on the pillars of a meaningful Purpose (P) that they are collectively aligned (A) to. Communication(C) quality and Environment (E) are the other two factors of the four legged PACE model that foster positivity at work.

SAATHI aims to partner corporates and individuals in sustaining emotional well being even when challenged by situations. SAATHI counselors are behavior architects who could design solutions that empower individuals and teams to seek the best out of themselves and each other. Basically, we help you to keep happy and hopeful!

SAATHI provides the following supports:

1. LP (Listening Post)

An online and tele-enabled confidential channel open to those seeking to clear the fog, escalate a troubling issue, tell of an infarction one believes needs extraordinary channels of addressing. Usually, a strictly confidential call to help decide on situations wherein a team member is in emotional disarray. Here the counselor listens and guides the subject towards the best course of action to soothe and solace.


An onsite counseling support in which the counselor meets to capture the break in relationships and suggest ways to build bridges and move on. The break effecting emotional well being could be in social relationships or at work. In this the counselor partners to NUDGE the parties/individual towards confronting and settling the conflict. Inspired by Richard Thaler's work NUDGE is a generation next counseling tool.


A 4-sittings work out that the counselor help subjects with high-octane aggression! OSHO helps in training the aggression initiator to manage and rein in energies. The counselors also help teams exposed and affected with uncontrolled anger originating from within the team or even from an irate customer . It works to more than massage nerves! OSHO is invariably the beginning the journey to discover the calm within each one of us!