Our clients


  • Our premium tool Sales  Aptitude Test (SAT) completes 15 years of
    providing Talent Assessments  of Sales Professionals to large complex
    organizations located globally
  • "Project Pragati" - Inclusive growth workout conducted with Senior Operational Leadership of AXIS Bank at The Resort , Madh, Mumbai. 
    Participants found it to be an engaging, insightful experience.
    #LearningWithMasters #LearningAndDevelopment #LeadershipDevelopment #Coaching
  • Abacus forays into providing assessments to major giants in
    banking and finance after successfully serving FMCG, Telecom and IT majors
  • CPP ASIA PACIFIC, BANGKOK (THAILAND) has re-certified our faculty DK SABHARWAL on MBTI. DK is among the first group of professionals in India to be certified by Ms. Linda Kirby , APTi, the architect of MBTI Step II, nearly two decades back.

Talent Assessment

ABACUS is pioneer  in the field of Behavioral Testing in the country- having designed the first ever Competency Based Tool for corporate with psychometric properties. Tools/tests have since then been used for various purposes- to make Hiring Decisions at different levels across industries as also to identify skill or any other development gaps of people at workplace.

We design bespoke instruments for our clients such that they are apt for the purpose and also relevant in the context (industry) in which they need to be deployed. Our research during the last two decades of work in the area supports us in drawing fitting questions that have high predictability and hence usage. Following are some of the areas in which Abacus has already designed hugely successful tools

  • Leadership Assessment Methodologies (LAM Tool)
  • Right Choice Questionnaire (RCQ) for Managers
  • Sales Aptitude Test (SAT)
  • Peoples Reactions in Situations Matrix (PRISM)
  • QUADRO Leadership Tool
  • Personality Profile Questionnaire(PPQ)